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innoviCares is a free card that helps you save money on select prescription medications at pharmacy


How it works

Join the 1.5 million Canadians already saving and get your card today. The innoviCares card is a free prescription savings card available to all Canadian residents. The card helps you save on select prescription medications and is funded by participating pharmaceutical manufacturers. Use innoviCares with your existing drug plan or on its own. InnoviCares will cover some or all of the cost of a participating product.

Simply fill out the registration form and receive your unique innoviCares card – the card will always belong to you and won't expire. Since there are no forms to fill out and no waiting periods, your innoviCares card can be printed and used immediately after you've signed up.

  • Present your innoviCares card along with a prescription for any of the 100+ participating products. Your card can be used alone or with your existing drug plan.
  • The pharmacy will process your card just like any other drug plan card. Payment will be automatic and electronic. No need to mail in receipts or wait for reimbursement.

When you register for free, you gain access to the online innoviCares profile where you can track your savings and manage your medications. Set refill reminders so you never miss a dose and check your “report card” to see if you're following the doctor's orders!


What's Covered

To see a full list of products covered where you live, simply select your province from the dropdown menu below.

There are two ways you can receive reimbursement on your prescription with innoviCares:
  1. Get reimbursed immediately when you fill your prescription at a participating pharmacy.
  2. Submit your receipt for a participating innoviCares medication online and get reimbursed by cheque or electronic transfer.
Find a pharmacy. Enter your location to view the nearest innoviCares pharmacies who can serve you best.

Our Partners

We are pleased to work alongside many Canadian associations and charitable organizations committed to improving health outcomes and supporting patients' rights.

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