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InnoviCares is a free program and there is no fee to participate. The  benefits are provided at no cost to you, your employer, or your insurance plan.

InnoviCares has a large and continually growing set of benefits for many medications and healthcare products. To see what products are currently covered visit the "what's covered on my card" section of Registered innoviCares members will be notified by email when new products are added.

InnoviCares is available to all Canadian residents at no cost. InnoviCares is available in all provinces and territories in Canada, however coverage and availability of certain products may differ from province to province. All program specific information can be found in the "what products are covered on my card" section. Products offered on the innoviCares program are done so at the discretion of the manufacturer, and product availability on the program and financial support for products may be adjusted or withdrawn at any time.

Very simply - your innoviCares card behaves just like your public or private insurance card. Present your innoviCares card when dropping off a prescription or requesting a refill. The pharmacy will enter your card information into their pharmacy system and you will recieve the associated benefits for participating products you have a prescription for. Payment will be automatic and coordinated appropriately with your other insurance coverage. Your innoviCares card does not expire, however, benefits are subject to change and we reserve the right to discontinue the innoviCares program at any time.

Your innoviCares card is treated like your insurance card, the information is kept in your profile at pharmacy. It is still reccommended to carry your card with you whenever you are filling a prescription to ensure your pharmacy has your most current information. If you have moved or changed pharmaices you should bring your innoviCares card to present it at your new pharmacy. 

The InnoviCares program allows you to print an innoviCares card immediately upon registration, but also provides you a personalized membership card which is mailed directly to you. As a registered memeber we will also notify you of any changes in benefits or additons of products included in the program. InnoviCares uses your information to provide you with enhanced and personalized health care services. Your personal information will not be shared with or transferred to any third parties.

If it is convenient to you, please try another pharmacy. You can use our handy pharmacy locator tool, available here, to find a pharmacy in your area that will accept your card. Alternatively, we can connect you with a pharmacy that offers home delivery service. If you are interested in the home delivery option, please call our customer service centre toll free on 1-877-790-1991, or email us at and we would be happy to assist you. 

The program is designed to offer benefits at little or no cost to the member. Depending on your pharmacy, other health insurance or the specific benefit, there may be some costs remaining for you to pay when using your innoviCares card.

Simply login to and update your profile to include your new address, email or any other information that has changed. Note: If you have moved to a different province your innoviCares benefits may be different, so you must update your profile accordingly.

Registered members who require a replacement card can simply email us at with their name and email address and we will arrange for a replacement card to be mailed to you.
Any non-registered members will need to see their physician or pharmacist to receive another card, or simply register for one here.

If you are having trouble registering with innoviCares, we have had some reports of issues for members trying to register on the website using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. In these cases, we are recommending that these users upgrade to a minimum of Internet Explorer 9. If you cannot install Internet Explorer 9 or above, we are also recommending that you install an alternate browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and re-attempt the registration process using the new browser.

If you are still experiencing issues with registration, please contact innoviCares customer service:

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